I am extremely satisfied with my WCB claim outcome & your professional services. I would like to thank everybody involved in the process of my difficult case.

- S. Dhaliwal




It took 4 years to settle my WCB claim. It was a long process due to the way WorkSafe BC handles it. Janet Kwong did excellent work and accomplished success with the Review Division and WCAT 100%. Gosal & Company is very professional and knowleagble with the process dealing with WCB. I would recommend Gosal & Company for any WCB claim you may have.

- A. Cavaco




I would like to thank Gosal & Co for their services in my support these past few years. I was always treated in a professional and respectful manny; any, and all, of my concerns were met and explained to me in a way I understood. Their expertise, professionalism, and exemplary customer care means I would highly recomment their services to anyone.

- D. McFadden




WCB is very hard to deal with. My suggestion is to hire Mr. Gosal to argue on your behalf. The process took a while because WCB takes forever to respond. I am very satisfied. Mr. Gosal did an excellent job. Do not fight WCB by yourself. Hire a professional. Mr. Gosal is my choice.

- S. Bodkin




This firm has helped my mother and we are very satisfied with the services that they provided. We are very happy with the results.

- L. Li




Gosal & Company provided me with knowledge I needed to pursue my case with WCB. We were successful in obtaining a 100% loss of earnings award and they continue to work on my behalf for other compensation that I knew nothing about. I am 100% satisfied with this company.

- K. Yardley




I have been extremely satisfied with the thorough and methodical process followed by Gosal & Company during the appeal for my CPP Disability claim. I especially am impressed by the specific recommendations for actions that would assist in success for my appeal.

- D. Hamman




Gosal & Company was able to achieve great results for me. I am very happy with the results. The Board denied everything on my claim and Gosal & Company was able to help me. I would highly recommend Gosal & Company.

- G. Nijjar




I am happy with Gosal & Company's services. I am very happy with the outcome of my WCB case.

- I. Iskitoglu




Thank you. You did an excellent job and I'm very happy for what you did for me. Mr. Gosal is a star and his staff is very good and helpful.

- J. Dosanjh




We were very pleased with all the help we received from Gosal & Company. They turned a very stressful time into an easier time. I would recommend them to anyone in need of these services. They were so helpful and kind. Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you so much for all your help. Could not have done it without you. Thank you again.

- C. Pidhany




Gosal & Company is very professional in their field. They have lots of experience in their field. I had my CPP disability case with them and they did a good job to get my benefits. Superb job! Thanks.

- R. Dhonkal




After a five & a half year battle with WorkSafeBC & WCAT, I find my outcome fair. I would recommend Gosal & Company as great representatives.

- G. Dorais




I didn't get 100% but I did get about 70% to 80%. If I hadn't appealed the decision, I would only be getting $200 per month. Mr. Gosal and his associates did a very good job.

- B. Singh




After spending over $2,000.00 on different lawyer consultations with regards to my WCB case, a friend recommended that I seek legal advice from Gosal & Company. I contacted Mr. Gosal immediately and he gave me a clear and straightforward answer regarding my case. I was extremely impressed with how efficient the process was. They took care of all the difficult and confusing paperwork for me and did everything in a timely manner. Mr. Gosal's rate was also very affordable. In the end, I am pleased to say that Mr. Gosal was able to get me 100% of my disability pension!

- F. Firouzi




I am very happy with the result. Thank you very much for your kindness and hard work on my case. I will definitely, highly recommend your company to others.

- L. Dao




This is my first time dealing with lawyers and considering the circumstances, I had a very pleasant experience.  Gosal and Company really care and they will do anything in their power to make sure you are comfortable and win the case.  They seem to really care about their clients.

- S. Jankovic




Excellent services. 100% satisfaction with Gosal & Company. I will recommend them to everyone if they need help. Thanks very much Mr. Gosal and staff for looking after my case. Thanks once again.

- M. Tut




I think Gosal & Company is very good to deal with. Good services. I am happy with everything they have done for me. I will send people to Gosal & Company if they need help with their case.

- P. Jhutti




I am very thankful to Mr. Gosal and Kerry Birch and all your staff. I believe you run a great law firm. Everyone in your office was always friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the WCAT decision. I couldn’t have done this without your help. For all the work you’ve done for me, thank you very much.

- Anne Vukovic




I was very satisfied with your firm’s work on my WCB case. Thanks to you, I am now getting a 100% WCB pension.

- T. Huynh




I had had Gosal & Co. on my WCB case since 2003. Yes it's been a long hard fought battle with highs & lows, but with thanks to them, every appeal has been won.


This group really works to answer every question as quickly as possible. If they don't know the answer, they know exactly where that answer is in the many binders, filled with information, in minutes.


Mr. Gosal knows you as a person, answers every question & treats everyone with dignity & honesty.


I have every confidence in them & highly recommend them to anyone.

- Mr. B. Mackie




Mr. Gosal and staff have been very helpful, and without them, I couldn't fight off WCB for my rights. Thank you for helping me!

- Z. Torbica




“I would like to thank Gosal and Company for the time and effort they put into resolving my case with WCB. They were very professional and kept us well informed at all times. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of help. Thank you once again.”

- M.K. Grewal




Thank you to everyone at Gosal & Company. Everyone was very professional but kind, patient and motivating as well. Because English is my second language and I am not fluent, it was wonderful to have a team whom I could communicate with in Punjabi and understand everything clearly. Once again, an amazing team. Thank you all so much!

- P. Randhawa




I am very happy with the services provided by Mr. Gosal and his team. Any questions I had regarding my case were answered promptly and thoroughly. At first, WCB only accepted chronic pain and awarded me a 2.5% pension. Mr. Gosal worked very hard on my case and after many appeals, I was awarded a 100% loss of earnings pension. I will receive $2,840.56 per month for my injuries. I cannot work anymore, and I am very thankful that Mr. Gosal helped me and my family. If you have been injured at work, I recommend Gosal and Company to help you get what you deserve.

- Mr. S. Grewal




I am very happy with Gosal & Company. The staff and lawyers treated me well. I don’t speak English and they helped me understand everything. Whenever I had questions, the staff answered them right away and when they were busy, they called me back within a reasonable time. The lawyer got me what I wanted [a 100% pension]. I am very happy. Thank you.

- Mr. P.T.




Thank you to Gosal & Company for all the hard work in regards to my case. So much was done by the Company for the right decision on my case. We are very pleased and thankful for all the hard work and effort and decision. We would recommend Gosal & Company to anyone that has difficulties with WCB cases. Thank you. God bless.

- M.B. Ali




First off, I would like to say Thanks to Mr. Gosal & Company for taking my case in their hands. Very especially when WCB had closed the file, stating that the Employer had laid me off from duty, for reasons not pertaining to the accident, I was compelled to retain Mr. Sarj Gosal at Gosal and Company in April 2008, to make the appeal for the review of the WorkSafeBC’s decision. Mr. Gosal and all his team assistant Associate Lawyers and the rest of the staff members have helped me and my family so much by accepting my difficult case when no other lawyer would. And they all fought all the stages of this case till the last of victory was achieved in November 2012, where I have been awarded a 100% loss of earnings disability monthly pension award. Also thankful for Mr. Gosal and Company for working with me and helping me out with their input of information that he and the company has provided me with. Lastly would just like to say thank you to Mr. Gosal & Company once more with all the help and love that they showed me and my family and knowing that there are some great people who still help one another in difficult time and how helpful the staff is there helping us every step of the way. I could proudly recommend Gosal and Company to any employee who would be facing various difficulties in dealing with his or her case with WorkSafeBC.

- A.M.E. Fernando




Our case took a long time, but I feel that Mr. Gosal and his associates did a really wonderful job and we got the result that we wanted. One time, in the middle of the process, we stopped the service because we couldn’t afford it anymore. But on second thought, we decided to proceed and Mr. Gosal and his associates did NOT disappoint us. Big thank you, guys!

- N. Park




I was very happy with the outcome of my WCB claim. It took some time [over 6 years], but at the end, everything worked out. I’d like to thank Mr. Gosal for his services and recommend him to anyone with a WCB claim or a CPP case.

- N. Randhawa




I am very thankful for the time and effort Gosal and Company has provided to help resolve my case with WCB. Your professionalism and courtesy throughout this endeavor was exceptional. I am extremely satisfied with the results of my case. I will highly recommend Gosal and Company to anyone needing this type of service. Your great work is very much appreciated. Thank you.

- C. Nguyen




Thanks to Gosal & Company. I could not have gone through the process without them. Sarj told me I had to be patient and stop worrying, as he would look after everything. Michelle was totally awesome, very professional and reassuring. Michelle guided us through the WCAT interview and it sure was nice to have someone on our side. It took 3 years, but I feel I got a fair settlement.

- R. Chantler




Trying to deal with the federal government regarding my CPP Disability case was an onerous task, given my multiple medical conditions, until I contacted the law office of Mr. Gosal. The skill of Mr. Gosal, Ms. Birch, and the office staff brought my CPP appeal to a successful conclusion, and I was awarded benefits by the Review Tribunal. All along the way, I was impressed by their thoroughness and attention to detail in the arguments they presented on my behalf. Their assistance made what felt like an overwhelming task, much more bearable and for that, I am grateful. I do not believe I would have been able to achieve such a result on my own, and without their assistance.

- Amrit N.




I hired Mr. Gosal in 2008. WCB gave me a pension of $184 per month. Mr. Gosal and his team fought my case and have now (Mar 2, 2012) obtained a 100% pension of $1,600 per month for my injuries. I am very happy with the work done by Mr. Gosal and his staff.

- Mr. Chahil




At Gosal and Company, I was treated with equality and respect. Gosal and Company provided me with a lot of assistance and helped me with my case. This company has helped in improving my life and I am very satisfied with them. Thank you Gosal and Company.

- S.K. Dadwal




“I would like to say thank you to Mr. Gosal, Gail Sahota, and Kerry Birch for the professional way in which they have handled my claim with WCB and CPP. Their knowledge of the laws and processes involved has really helped me. It has been a lengthy battle but I am now receiving a CPP Disability Pension and we are still working towards a WCB Pension. I would highly recommend that you let them work for you!”

- R. Puckett




This is my first time dealing with lawyers and considering the circumstances, I had a very pleasant experience.  Gosal and Company really care and they will do anything in their power to make sure you are comfortable and win the case.  They seem to really care about their clients.

- S. Jankovic




I am pleased to have this opportunity to thank you and your firm Gosal and Company. The professionalism, consideration and time that Sarj Gosal extended to us will always be dearly appreciated. Sarj and his team consistently upheld their well-earned reputation of professionalism and experience in every respect. Words cannot express our never-ending appreciation for what you (Sarj) and your firm have done for us. Your obvious skills in the preparation of the case along with your friendly reassurance made a devastating, life-changing situation bearable. I can only express my sincere appreciation to you for effectively negotiating on our behalf to resolve all legal issues concerning my husband's catastrophic accident. It would be an honour to recommend you and the service you provide. Finally, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your diligence and hard work in representing my husband. We truly appreciate everything you have done for our family

- Mrs. Z. M.




I was referred to you by a client whose case you won. He recommended I hire you. I am very happy with the job you did. I am going to receive a full pension paid back to 2007. My wife and I are so happy we hired you.

- Mr. P. Johal




I believe that Gosal and Company put forth 100% effort and were very straight forward. I believe that Mr. Gosal was phenomenal at my hearing with thorough explanations and amazing presentation skills. My future was in their hands and they didn't let me down. I would highly recommend Gosal and Company to others, as I already do now.

- Mr. K. Benji




I appreciate what you did for me. You helped me a lot when I needed it. Probably without you, I would not get anything. I am happy that the result was positive, even though not everything. But I am happy with you people. I will always recommend you.

- Mr. M. J.




I am very satisfied with Mr. Gosal and his company regarding my case. I think they have done an excellent job.

- Mr. S. G.




I was a registered nurse prior to the incident. I was under a lot of stress (emotional and financial) after my work-related injuries. It made a big impact on my physical well-being for the first six years. Depression and chronic pain disease started to eat me up ... until I hired Sarj (and his other lawyers in the company). I found peace. I trusted them fully, especially Sarj Gosal, in representing me as I had/have no "know-how" of the legal system, especially fighting against a big corporation! Please lean on them as I did. Rewards will come in some form or another. Good luck!

- E. Rhodes