Workers’ Compensation Matters


Mr. Gosal has 22 years of experience in the area of WorkSafeBC/WCB claims and appeals. Approximately 95% of the files at our firm are WCB-related, and since 1993, Mr. Gosal has represented over 3,200 injured workers.


Navigating the WorkSafeBC/WCB appeals process can be frustrating, daunting, and often stressful. Our lawyers have extensive legal and practical experience in all aspects of WorkSafeBC/WCB claims, assisting our clients at every step of the process. We review each communication from the Board in detail, and we manage all necessary appeals on your claim. We provide advice on how to conduct yourself with WorkSafeBC/WCB staff, doctors, and third-party contractors. We offer guidance in obtaining independent medical and vocational assessments to further strengthen your case. Ultimately, we provide experienced representation before the Workers’ Compensation Review Division and Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (“WCAT”).


Please visit the other sections of our website for more details on the structure of the WorkSafeBC/WCB appeals process and how you can take steps to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injury.



Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits


Our lawyers have years of experience and extensive knowledge of CPP Disability applications and appeals. We provide clients with advice and assistance with CPP reconsiderations and appeals to the Social Security Tribunal (“SST”) General Division and SST Appeal Division. We can also guide you in obtaining and presenting the required medical evidence for a successful appeal.


" Thank you for the very dignified and accurate way you dealt with WorkSafeBC on my behalf.


On reviewing my file, it is very obvious that I, as a severely injured worker, did not have the ability to deal with WorkSafeBC. The case worker did not have any compassion to what I had gone through on the day of injury, hostpial stay and long-term healing, nor was of any assistance forthcoming. In fact, my WorkSafeBC file was on the way to "no" where. Every time it seemed something good was about to happen, the "no" adjective was forthcoming, and every request denied.


Your depth of knowledge with WorkSafeBC, and advice to me, resulted in the correct action being taken at each step of the process, ie. appeals etc. With the excellent actions taken, my file was concluded in a 100% total satisfied way. Sir, I recommend you and your staff to anyone who has had a WorkSafeBC program injury.


Thank you to you and all your staff for a just reward you attained for me. Well done. I am sincerely satisfied."

- Wayne F. Popp




Appealing a Workers' Compensation Decision. REVIEW DIVISION & WCAT
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