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The lawyers at Gosal & Company do not dabble in multiple areas of law. We concentrate on WorkSafeBC claims (approximately 95% of our files) and CPP Disability claims and appeals. Mr. Gosal has represented over 4,000 injured workers since 1993.


Mr. Gosal has been qualified (and provided oral evidence) as an expert witness regarding workers' compensation matters in the British Columbia Supreme Court.


Services we provide


  • Full Service Assistance for WorkSafeBC Cases
  • Review Division Appeals
  • Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal Appeals
  • Claims Management
  • Reopening of Claims
  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Reconsiderations
  • Social Security Tribunal - General Division Appeals
  • Social Security Tribunal - Appeal Division Appeals


Workers, families take WorkSafeBC to court over 2012 mill explosions
Ten people connected to a pair of deadly sawmill explosions in British Columbia are asking a judge to certify a class-action lawsuit seeking damages for physical and mental injuries. more…


Asbestos exposure leads rise in deaths of B.C. construction workers
Deaths of B.C. construction workers jumped 40 per cent last year, an increase fuelled by the number of workers who have died after being exposed to asbestos while on their jobs decades ago. more…


Workers face asbestos danger with quick demolition jobs
WorkSafeBC warns some contractors aren't fully testing for the substance when levelling older houses. more…


WorkSafeBC turned down access to sawmill investigation, inquest hears
While preparing investigations into two deadly sawmill blasts that it eventually botched, WorkSafeBC turned down access to a months-long probe by one of the mills’ owners and then did not tell an ongoing inquest about the existence of this extensive hidden evidence, the lead lawyer for the provincial coroners service says. more…


Angry Burns Lake victims seek accountability after Crown declines to press charges
The injured and families of those killed when a Burns Lake sawmill blew up two years ago are angrily looking for accountability after the Crown ruled out criminal or regulatory charges against the mill’s operators because of a flawed investigation. more…


No charges in Burns Lake sawmill blast that killed two
Crown prosecutor says evidence collected by WorkSafeBC investigators didn't meet admissibility standards required by law. more…



Terms to be aware of in WorkSafeBC decision letters

  • Your claim has been accepted for …
  • No other condition (temporary or permanent) is accepted.
  • No limitations or restrictions are accepted.
  • It is not anticipated that any permanent impairment will result.
  • Your file will not be referred to Disability Awards.
  • Your “chronic pain” is accepted. Your file will be referred to Disability Awards for chronic pain. (This means that the WCB has quantified your disability as 2.5% out of 100% and that any and all objective signs of medical disability will be ignored)
  • You have been deemed fit to return to work without restrictions.
  • Your condition has resolved.
  • You have a significant pre-existing condition. No aggravation of your pre-existing condition is accepted.
  • Your file has been reviewed by our Medical Advisor…I have accepted the Medical Advisor’s opinion…your claim is denied.
  • There is no convincing evidence of….


The above are just a sample of terms that should set off alarm bells, as these terms indicate that WorkSafeBC is attempting to limit your compensation entitlement, and limit the parameters of your claim.


If you need assistance with deciphering WorkSafeBC terminology, seek legal advice (call Gosal & Company at (604) 591-8187).


" Thank you for the very dignified and accurate way you dealt with WorkSafeBC on my behalf.


On reviewing my file, it is very obvious that I, as a severely injured worker, did not have the ability to deal with WorkSafeBC. The case worker did not have any compassion to what I had gone through on the day of injury, hostpial stay and long-term healing, nor was of any assistance forthcoming. In fact, my WorkSafeBC file was on the way to "no" where. Every time it seemed something good was about to happen, the "no" adjective was forthcoming, and every request denied.


Your depth of knowledge with WorkSafeBC, and advice to me, resulted in the correct action being taken at each step of the process, ie. appeals etc. With the excellent actions taken, my file was concluded in a 100% total satisfied way. Sir, I recommend you and your staff to anyone who has had a WorkSafeBC program injury.


Thank you to you and all your staff for a just reward you attained for me. Well done. I am sincerely satisfied."

- Wayne F. Popp




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